Where Are The Best Cigars From?

Where Are The Best Cigars From?

Where are the best cigars from is a question that has been asked by countless cigar aficionados over the years. According to industry experts, the best cigars come from nations like Cuba, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and the USA. From Cuban Cohiba to American Greenleaf, there are several cigars available for seasoned smokers and enthusiasts. Many fine cigars are also hand rolled, while others are mass produced in these nations for the global market. The following is a breakdown of some of the best cigars these countries offer to the international buying market.

Cuban Cigars

Cuban cigars are synonymous with true quality and unsurpassed flavor. They are also considered the most popular cigars in the world — and are highly sought after by cigar lovers. Some of the leading brands include Montecristo, which continues to receive stellar industry ratings and smoker reviews. So popular as these cigars that other torpedo brands base their productions on it. With medium to full body versions, Montecristo offers the perfect blend of spices accentuated by a smooth and creamy taste.

Another popular Cuban cigar is the Partagas Serie D, which is a favorite among global cigar connoisseurs. This cigar has a nice woody finish and the robust size is simply great. Partagas is also one of the oldest Cuban cigar manufacturers — dating back over 160 years.

Honduran Cigars

Honduran cigars are known for their great flavor and bold, robust taste. The warm climate in Honduras makes for a perfect environment for growing cigars of all sizes and textures. This includes the Camacho brand, which has deep roots in Nicaragua and Cuba. Camacho cigars are proudly grown and manufactured in Honduras. They are considered some of the finest cigars in the country with a number of brands under its umbrella.

No Honduran cigar list is ever complete without Belinda. Like Camacho cigars, Belinda also has strong roots in Cuba. This cigar is known for its high-quality leaves wrapped in Ecuadorian Sumatra paper. The Belinda Black Wraps are also a favorite, which feature Medio Tiempo leaves that offer a smooth, rich, and pleasurable smoking experience.

DR Cigars

The Dominican Republic is no stranger to fine cigar production. In fact, La Aurora Barrel Aged Robusto is considered the oldest brand in the DR — dating back to 1907. This vintage cigar brand features a smooth blend of spicy leaves, coffee, mocha, charred wood, and even a hint of rum. This is truly the best cigar out of the DR, and a favorite in many cigar shops and parlors across the world.

Don Diego Lonsdale is another popular DR cigar that features a mild, creamy smooth flavor and taste. With high-quality leaves and flawless construction, this car is known for its consistency and a favorite among global humidors everywhere.


The good old USA also features a fine line of cigars that are enjoyed the world over. No truer is this then when it comes to the El Primer Mundo Black Label, which is available in torpedo, robusto, toro, and other versions. Known for its subtle yet bold flavor, this car is a favorite in countless bars and shops across America. With a smooth and leafy texture — coupled with light spices and blends — many cigar aficionados believe this is one of if not the best cigar made in the U.S.A. This only reiterates the fact that some of the best cigars are from America and continue to be enjoyed across the world.

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